The Cellar


A small, high quality estate

Poderi dei Bricchi Astigiani is  a winery which might be considered of modest dimensions when compared to its sister estate, the Tuscan Badia di Morrona. In truth, however, it consists of 50 acres (20 hectares) of vineyards situated in one of the finest sub-zones of the province of Asti in Piedmont.  A small, but functional, cellar. The principal grape variety is Barbera, Piedmont’s major grape.



A young but promising house

Purchased at the end of the 1990’s, the Poderi dei Bricchi Astigiani estate represents the family’s challenge to Piedmont and its wines.

After succeeding in making the Badia di Morrona, acquired in 1939, an estate of undisputable level, they decided to put themselves to the test in the second of Italy’s most famous viticultural regions, famous all over the world as well.



An estate which put the family name to the test

The symbol of the house is the family coat of arms, it is the Gaslini Alberti themselves who personally guarantee to consumers the quality of what they offer.

The wines


A house which produces terroir wines

Barbera is the most widely planted grape variety in this part of Piedmont, and here it finds its finest expression. Original and versatile, it can produce – with careful fermentation and aging – both fresh and fragrant young wines or rich, full-bodied, and long-lived offerings.

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